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Getting a Quote

Getting a quote is a common use case. In many cases, this will be a comparative rater connecting in order to get a quote to present to an agent.

API Call Sequence

Here is sequence diagram for such an interaction, and the individual calls are broken out below. Note that setup is included as well, as setup and populating the user interface for the rater is an important step that should not be overlooked.


API Call Breakdown


Setup sequences are typically done on initial setup and then again periodically to update the rater with any new or modified questions.

  1. Line metadata request is called when the rater needs to populate its user interface with questions and controls to answer them.
  2. The line metadata is returned.

Both of these API calls are described in detail in the Products and Questions section.

Ongoing Quote Requests

Quote requests are done on an ongoing basis whenever a quote is requested--this is the primary part of the interaction between a rater and the API.

  1. Submission UI Input - The agent keys in the application data to the comparative rater
  2. Requesting Quotes - The rater sends quote requests to the Dais API.
  3. Event request is received either by polling for a result (NEED REFERENCE), receiving a notification back to a specified Webhook address (NEED REFERENCE), or in the future receiving a Redis notification. The format to expect is described in GET_QUOTES
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The format of the response you can expect is dictated by the type of event that was sent to Dais. A QUOTE_REQUESTED event will always expect a GET_QUOTES response.

Information Circle

You can proxy Dais API's behind your own API gateway if necessary. This is not part of our typical setup process but support is available on an as-needed basis, please contact your Dais account representative for more details.