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You must fire a GET_QUOTES event before you can retrieve its resulting quotes, learn more here.

You can retrieve a list of quotes resulting from a GET_QUOTESevent by providing its triggerRequestId.

Information Circle

To learn how to fire an event, click here for the guide.

GET: https://api.{ENV}{triggerRequestId}

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.{ENV}<triggerRequestId>' 
--header 'Authorization: Basic <yourAuthHere>'
  "quoted": [
      "requestId": "933bd80a-f4e5-4cda-a8e8-1b981becb3f3",
      "pipelineId": "39232f5e-5c47-4b3d-8a38-d583bd0cf72d",
      "triggerRequestId": "fc55a520-5194-4b6f-b84d-3457f189c5cf",
      "quoteTimestamp": "2022-05-24T19:04:24.1Z",
      "quotingOrganization": "Insurance Co",
      "quoteDetails": {
        "premium": {
          "amount": 3945.0,
          "per": "YEAR"
        "duration": {
          "length": 12,
          "scale": "MONTH"
        "coverageTypes": [
            "coverages": [
                "details": {}
        "expirationDate": "2022-06-24T19:04:24.183Z"
      "messages": [],
      "bindable": true,
      "effectiveDate": "2022-05-25",
      "type": "QUOTE",
      "lineId": "3847d175-9ac3-440a-8e53-0e6c54bf6546",
      "lineName": "Product Name",
      "clientId": "c07a0db0-0667-46b1-ad8b-d1a19829f03e",
      "clientOrganizationId": "44677a4c-62ed-40b6-b36f-59bca5088f0c",
      "quotingOrganizationId": "44677a4c-62ed-40b6-b36f-59bca5088f0c",
      "actionId": "5897ad0e-13b2-41b3-9f00-59b4d30eb765",
      "metadata": {
        "rateMeta": {
          "3 Session EAP": "49.08",
          "5 Session EAP": "60.0"
      "rawQuoteRequest": {},
      "rawQuoteDetails": {},
      "asRatingConfiguredAtTimestamp": "2022-05-24T19:04:24.1Z"
  "declined": []

Response fields:

quotedArray of quote requests that were successfully quoted
declinedArray of quote requests that were declined or failed to quote

Quote object fields:

requestIdUUID representing an individual quote. Use this ID when firing the PAYMENT_SETUP event.
triggerRequestIdUUID representing the GET_QUOTES event that generated these quotes.
pipelineIdFor internal use
quoteTimestampTimestamp showing when the quote was generated
quotingOrganizationOrganization that owns the line
quoteDetailsQuote details returned from the quote request. Explained in detail below
bindableBoolean representation of whether the quote is bindable
messagesThis field is sometimes used to return errors or other messages
effectiveDateDate when the policy would go into effect if purchased
typeCan be RATE or QUOTE
lineIdUUID ID of the product for which this quote was generated
lineNameName of the product
clientIdUUID ID of the client on whose behalf the quote was requested
clientOrganizationIdUUID ID of the organization requesting the quote
quotingOrganizationIdUUID ID of the organization providing the quote. This will be the same as clientOrganizationId if you use our Excel
actionIdFor internal use
metadataQuote metadata
asRatingConfiguredAtTimestampTimestamp of the rating configuration used to generate the quote

Quote details fields:

premiumQuoted policy premium
durationQuoted policy duration
coverageTypesCoverages included in the quote
expirationDateTimestamp after which the quote will no longer be valid