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Rules Overview

Rules are if-then expressions that operate on provided data.

What data is provided to the action rules?

  • Client facts are always available to all rules (answers to question from any line)
  • Data generated by specific actions, or their responses (i.e. Webhook, Rating, etc.), is available to rules of those actions only.

Rule Example #1:

Assume we have a line with a trigger "Get Quote" that defines an Email action (sends email every time quote is requested). To reduce the volume of emails, we want to create a rule to only send email when client has more than 3 locations and revenue over $100M.

  if "client has more then 3 locations AND revenue greater then $100M"
then "run this action"

As we mentioned earlier, client facts are always available to rules. Client fact is an answer to a specific question.
Client facts are provided to the as a map of key:value pairs, where a key is a QID, and the value is the answer.

Where do I find QIDs for questions?
In the Intake Builder of every line. Top of each question shows canonicalId (visible to users) and QID (visible internally).

For example, let's consider these two questions on a line:

QuestionQID (Question Identifier)
How many locations does your business have?business.location.count
What is your annual revenue?total.annual.sales

Here's how we would use these to construct the condition portion of the rule - the IF:

qid['business.location.count'] > 3 &&
qid['total.annual.sales'] >= 100000000

Action Types


Webhook action is one of the most versatile actions


Documentation for this action coming soon

Excel Rating Plan

Documentation for this action coming soon

Carrier Direct API

Documentation for this action coming soon